List of Programmes

The Society’s regular programme includes:
September 2021 – May 2022 Weekly (except during exhibitions)

Monday:         2 – 4.30pm ‘Brushes and Biscuits’ (fortnightly) fun with paint.                                                                              Open to non-members (small fee)

Tuesday:        10 -12 noon Portrait Group A                                                                                                                                         2 – 4pm ‘Inspiration’ – demos, tutorials, critiques, discussions, practical work. You will be                               informed if you need to bring any materials so please let Suzy know if you are attending

Wednesday:   10 – 12 noon ‘Basic Techniques’ Open to non – members (small fee)                                                                      2 – 4pm Portrait Group B               

Thursday:      10 – 1pm, 2 – 4pm Guided Workshops

Friday:            10 – 12 noon Life Drawing (monthly)


Spring –     April 10-day exhibition open to all members to submit 3 framed works, 3 unframed and                                 cards (including 3D media)

Autumn –   late August 10-day exhibition open to all members as above

Winter –     November/December 10-day exhibition open to all members as above (Registration takes place 10 days before the exhibition opens.)

Pop-up Exhibitions:  2 or 3 members may book available weekends to run a 2-day exhibition

Private Exhibitions:  after 2 years’ membership 2 or more members may book one of three 10-day slots to run an exhibition during July and August.

Projects will be agreed and discussed either by Zoom or by e-mail. 

 It is hoped these Groups will begin to take place regularly at Sussex House in 2021. 

Major Exhibitions

Who To Contact:

There are three major exhibitions every year, Spring, Summer and Winter. They are held in the Society rooms in Sussex House on the Pantiles and normally last for sixteen days, two full weeks plus an extra weekend. These are great opportunities to show the variety of mediums that are used, the very different styles and techniques employed and skill levels. We also encourage 3D work such as sculpture or pottery.  Giclée prints are also exhibited.  

Once a year a theme is suggested. It is not compulsory but the responses have in the past been inspirational, full of imagination and creativity.

All members are invited to submit pictures, usually 3 framed to be hung and 4 unframed which are placed in the browsers. They may also submit cards. They pay an entrance fee which is £3 per framed pictures or £2 per unframed one and £5 for displaying cards.

The Committee will exercise discretion in the selection of submitted work.

Commission of 20% is paid when pictures are sold, there is no commission for card sales.

Members act as stewards up to three times during the exhibition which allows visitors to meet the artists and learn about the society. 

Entering pictures in the exhibitions is a great learning experience as presenting the pictures, in mounts if needed and suitable frames can have a very positive effect on the painting.

A loyal team called the “Hanging Committee” organise the exhibitions, arrange and hang the pictures.  We are always keen to involve new members in this group.normally 

Thursday Workshops

Thursday workshops take place for members mainly during the Winter months from

Thursday Workshopswill take place weekly at Sussex House from 

September at 1000 and 1400, max 12 people each session

We have a programme which includes themes, some of which are based on the Tuesday afternoon demonstrations and others agreed by members in discussion. There are sessions which involve free choice.

This group has been very active and encouraged large numbers of regular attendees as well as members who drop in for specific themes.

We cover a wide range of topics and most media during each year including such things as use of sketchbook, drawing skills, watercolour, oil, pastel and acrylic painting as well as collage, paint pouring, pen and ink, Chinese art, card making, mounting, framing and exhibiting work.

We have enjoyed putting on our own exhibition with good sales of work and encouraging comments and members who attend the Thursday group are likely to become fully involved in all other aspects of the Society.

We boast some very successful artists as well as hobbyists and there is no level of would be artist who would be excluded or feel out of place in an atmosphere of mutual learning, help, sharing of ideas and materials and friendly socialisation.

No fee, no booking necessary.

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Tuesday PM WorkshopSP

Who To Contact:

For the past few years the Society has had a full programme of events on a Tuesday afternoon. These include demonstrations by a variety of professional artists who cover a range of styles and subjects which they demonstrate using a variety of mediums including oils, watercolour, acrylic, pastels, graphite and pen and ink.  The atmosphere is informal and members are encouraged to ask questions during the sessions which aim to be informative as well as entertaining and stimulating.

The Tues pm programme also includes: talks, films, visits and workshops led by members and visiting artists on a variety of topics.  

Note: Tuesday afternoon demonstrations are on hold until we can seat members safely. We hope to start again in September 2021.


Weekend Pop-Up Exhibitions

The Society has an excellent location at the end of The Pantiles and offers members an opportunity to hold weekend Pop-Up exhibitions so they can run their own show to promote their artwork.

Note: Until further notice, the society’s rules and safety procedures regarding Covid19 will apply.

The exhibition space will be the large room at the front of the building as you come in.Members may share the space with up to 2 other members and exhibitions can include: Paintings, Art Photography, Sculptures and Ceramics. One member will be required to be the link person to arrange the booking and deal with enquiries. Two people will need to man your exhibition during the times advertised. Members may be involved in up to three pop-ups per year.

Costs and Booking
The cost for a Pop-Up is £25 for the weekend, however some artists who are professional exhibiting artists may be asked to pay more which will be discussed with them at the time. If you wish to sell greetings cards, an extra £5 is required. The Society will take a commission of 20% on any sales.

Please refer to the full Pop-up conditions on the Society’s notice board.

To book your pop-up dates provide your name, contact details and dates required.

Exhibition open

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Life Drawing

Who To Contact:

Friday Life Drawing Sessions will take place at Sussex House on from September max 10 people.

Life drawing is a discipline that encourages and improves ‘hand / eye coordination’.

Each session starts with short timed poses of 3 minutes, the artist concentrating on the model, observing weight of the body supported by the spine, angles of shoulders and hips. Then representing the whole body with simple lines to try and capture the basic shapes.

Extending the posing time the artist can begin to measure proportions of head to height and width, as well as the basic shapes of the pose.

More detail can be added as the times are extended, finishing with one long pose of 30 mins.

Charcoal is a very good medium on large sheets of rough newsprint, or cheaper paper so that the artist can use large gestures and not get too precious with small details.

It’s the process that matters rather than the results.

We use several different professional models, who hold some interesting and challenging positions and make us work hard.

Complete beginners are welcome and will need to bring a Drawing Board, Paper (as large as practical, A2) and a light folding easel is helpful, and Charcoal.

This sounds very serious, but is also great fun and a challenge to us all wether experienced, beginner or any stage in between!!

Portrait Group

Sketching and painting portraits is such an important skill that this is a chance to keep practising while we wait to meet again at Sussex House at our regular times. 

We thought we would set a fortnightly challenge and then follow this with e-mail or Zoom contact to discuss the results.

The plan is to follow this up with 2 more portraits for the following fortnight. Any ideas for the next subjects would be welcome .Results will be posted on Facebook.


Sketching and painting portraits is such an important skill that this is a chance to keep practising while we wait to meet again at Sussex House at our regular times. From Sept. 2021 we hope this will be Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

We thought we would set a fortnightly challenge and then follow this with e-mail or Zoom contact to discuss the results.

The plan is to follow this up with two more portraits for the following fortnight. Any ideas for the next subjects would be welcome .Results will be posted on Facebook

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Private Exhibitions

Who To Contact:

If you have been a member for 2 years or more you have the opportunity (with one or more  members) to rent the Gallery for 10 days, on specified dates, to put on your own exhibition at a cost of £50. There are 3 x 10 day opportunities available in July and August. We can help you to find others to exhibit with.

Outdoor Programme

‘Plein air painting groups are organised fortnightly in the summer during June, July and August and these are published each year in March.

Members are encouraged to recommend places they would like to visit.’

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Rules for Regular Exhibitions

Society members receive entry forms for all exhibitions.

Three framed and four unframed pictures may usually be submitted. It is a requirement that all exhibitors must commit to three turns of duty as stewards. A blank Stewards Rota is put up at the society rooms in the Pantiles two weeks before handing in day.

The submission fees are £3.00 per framed exhibit and £2.00 per unframed item.  Members can also show greeting cards – 4 designs of up to 40 cards in total with a fee of £5 due. The Society receives 20% of the price of works sold (excludes greeting cards) to help meet the Society’s overheads. A card machine is available to take on-line sales.