President’s Opening Address to the Society’s 87th AGM (summary)

Despite the vicissitudes of the last 18 months Covid stricken months, and thanks to the dynamic efforts of the six-member committee, the Society has emerged enhanced rather than damaged by the demands of the epidemic.

We have newly decorated and renovated premises, a wider range of artistic activities to offer, a substantial website, greater social media presence, a modernised image and a steady trickle of new members.

Add to this there is the new neighbouring development which has vastly improved the ambiance around Sussex House. I do believe that this prestigious project, together with the emergence of The Pantiles over the Lockdown period as a ‘Go to’ destination will have a positive impact for the Society on both interest and footfall.

Come the Spring Exhibition opening on 29th May, it is on with the show.

Philip Bret-Day 26 May 2021