Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage all members to check out our frequently asked questions page for helpful information about the resources available to you. 

Whether you’re new, returning, or just need a refresher, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for in the questions below.

Membership Fee is currently £100 for 12 months – this is aggregated depending on the month you join., 

Our membership year runs from 1 September to 31st August.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly via our ‘contact us page’

Thank you for being a part of our society!        


We are always open for new applicants, no matter what your skill level, medium or background. 

Whether you are just starting out, returning after a long gap or are an established local artist, we aim to help artists discover and hone their individual style alongside other local artists.

Members must be over 18 to apply

You can apply for membership in a variety of different ways:

Via Email: Download the application form found on our ‘Join’ page. Once completed, please email to

By Post: You are more than welcome to pop in and collect one from the Art Society in person. Fill the form in and post back to:

The Membership Secretary, Paul Clark
Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Society
Sussex House, 61 The Pantiles
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN2 5TE

Please email if you run into any issues. 

Exhibiting FAQs

There are three major exhibitions every year, Spring, Summer and Winter.

They are held in the Society rooms in Sussex House on the Pantiles and normally last for 10 days over two weekends.

These are great opportunities to show the variety of mediums that are used, the very different styles and techniques employed and skill levels.

Once a year a theme is suggested. 

All members are invited to submit pictures, usually 3 framed to be hung and 3 unframed which are placed in the browsers. They may also submit cards.

They pay an entrance fee which is £4 per framed pictures or £2 per unframed one and £5 for displaying cards.

The Committee will exercise discretion in the selection of submitted work.

Commission of 20% is paid when pictures are sold, there is no commission for card sales.

Members act as stewards up to three times during the exhibition which allows visitors to meet the artists and learn about the society. 

Entering pictures in the exhibitions is a great learning experience as presenting the pictures, in mounts if needed and suitable frames can have a very positive effect on the painting.

A loyal team called the “Hanging Committee” organise the exhibitions, arrange and hang the pictures.  We are always keen to involve new members in this group.

We also offer members the opportunity to hire out our gallery space for their own weekend Pop-Up exhibitions or 10 day private exhibitions.

It is not compulsory but the responses have in the past been inspirational, full of imagination and creativity!

The Society has an excellent location at the end of The Pantiles and offers members an opportunity to hold weekend Pop-Up exhibitions so they can run their own show to promote their artwork.

The exhibition space consists of the 2 Gallery rooms. Members may share the space with up to 2 other members and exhibitions can include: Paintings, Art Photography, Sculptures, 3D pieces and Ceramics.

One member will be required to be the link person to arrange the booking and deal with enquiries.

Two people will need to man the exhibition during the times advertised. Members may be involved in up to three pop-ups per year.

Costs and Booking
The cost for a Pop-Up is £50 for the weekend. (Artists who are professional exhibiting artists may be asked to pay more which will be discussed with them at the time.) The Society charges a commission of 20% on all sales.

Please refer to the full Pop-up conditions on the Society’s notice board.

Alternatively, All members also have the opportunity (with one or more other members) to rent the Gallery for 10 days on dates in July and August.

The overall cost is £100 to rent the studio out and the society will charge 20% on sales.

There are 3 x 10 day opportunities available throughout the year and we can help you to find others to exhibit with if you wish to share.

To book your pop-up or private exhibition dates, please get in touch.

Three framed and four unframed pictures may usually be submitted or up to 8 ceramics/sculptures.

It is a requirement that all exhibitors must commit to three turns of duty as stewards.

A blank Stewards Rota is put up at the society rooms in the Pantiles two weeks before handing in day.

The submission fees are £4.00 per framed exhibit and £2.00 per unframed item. 

Members can also show greeting cards. 4 designs of up to 40 cards in total with a fee of £5 due.

The Society receives 20% of the price of works sold (excludes greeting cards) to help meet the Society’s overheads.

A card machine is available to take card sales.

events/Workshop FAQs

Plain air painting groups are organised fortnightly in the summer during June, July and August.   

The programme is published in March and has included private gardens, farms, orchards, a brewery, Spa Valley railway, a pub as well as places open to the public such as Teston Park and Bridge. 

The process of selection when painting outdoors is a practised skill and often results in stunning pieces which make their way into exhibitions.   

Working outside in a group like this provides a pleasant chance to get to know other members.

Members are encouraged to recommend places they would like to visit.